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Yes, that’s right.

My 21st birthday has finally arrived. This is cause for an enormous celebration. Most of my friends are already 21 and have been since September so this has been a much awaited occasion. This wonderful day of the year will take place on a Monday. Not my favorite weekday, but hey, I didn’t get to choose and that won’t stop us from partying. If you feel like you must get me something here are a few things I like:

1. Hello Kitty. ANYTHING Hello Kitty. Nothing tacky please.

2. Coffee mugs. Preferably travel mugs so I can take them with me. Look! A Hello Kitty one!!

3. Vodka Redbull- Can it be in this glass too?

4. Anything Paramore. I love me some Hayley

5. Cute notepads I can make lists on. I love making lists.

6. Comfy clothes. I could live in them