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I really like this.

Partly because I want some ankle bracelets like that..



Here is the video of me getting my lip tattoo done:

And here is a somewhat better picture! Backwards bc of Mac….


It’s already starting to fade…

Don’t worry Mom!!!



Sunday was a busy day! We woke up pretty early and went to breakfast at a restaurant called The Breakfast Club. The place was packed and we waited a while for a table but it was worth it. After that, Lauren had to work on some stuff for school so we went to laid out at the pool for about 3 hours. Arizona sun is very very hot so we got pretty toasty. 🙂

Then we got ready and…..GOT TATTOOS!!!! Yes, I got my very first tattoo. But…they are way different than the ordinary tattoos. We got them on the inside of our lips! It took us forever to find tattoo parlors that would do them at a reasonable price but we eventually found one. It didn’t hurt at all! A lot of places said that there is a big chance that it will fade but that’s okay, at least we have pictures!!! Here’s a picture of it….
Photo 836

This is the best picture I have right now, i’ll post better ones later. And the video. It says “PDC”. Don’t ask! 

After our lip tattoos, we went and picked up our pottery. I was so excited!! all of ours turned out so good! Then we went and ate at a place called yardhouse that was really good. lauren said they usually wait a really long time but we didn’t have to wait that long! 

Later that night we went to a drive-in movie. it was my very first drive in movie experience! it was really fun to get a bunch of blankets and sit outside and watch a movie. we saw ghosts of girlfriends past. it was really really little kiddish but for the most part it kept me entertained. 

okay sorry about these boring pictureless blogs!