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I’ve recently just finished reading the Harry Potter series. I read 1-4 a while ago and wanted to finish 5-7 before the last movie came out. I succeeded! Now that I’m finished I feel like I miss Harry…. I’ve also become slightly obsessed: Googling the actors, characters, merchandise, different wands. Oh and the Harry Potter Theme Park!? Come on now. That is where I will spend my 22nd birthday. I just hope I can wait until February. :/ Anyways, I came across a post that discusses the themes of Harry Potter, what the author is portraying, and what the story seems to allude to. Read the post here. I thought that is was a very interesting and accurate interpretation. Just another reason for me to be in love with these books.


…..and Hayley Williams.

Elle magazine July 2010



Emma Watson



John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer – Entertainment Weekly, October 2, 2009

^^^MUST find this dress.

I have a current obsession with this show.

Which, naturally means with this man as well…