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Category Archives: I want, I want, I want!

Yes, that’s right.

My 21st birthday has finally arrived. This is cause for an enormous celebration. Most of my friends are already 21 and have been since September so this has been a much awaited occasion. This wonderful day of the year will take place on a Monday. Not my favorite weekday, but hey, I didn’t get to choose and that won’t stop us from partying. If you feel like you must get me something here are a few things I like:

1. Hello Kitty. ANYTHING Hello Kitty. Nothing tacky please.

2. Coffee mugs. Preferably travel mugs so I can take them with me. Look! A Hello Kitty one!!

3. Vodka Redbull- Can it be in this glass too?

4. Anything Paramore. I love me some Hayley

5. Cute notepads I can make lists on. I love making lists.

6. Comfy clothes. I could live in them


I wanna gooooooo.

1. Bows

Necklaces, hairbows, tattos, dresses, pictures….pretty much anything. If it has a bow on it, I’m going to like it. Something about placing a bow on something makes it so dainty and feminine. I LOVE girly things.

2. Floral Prints

Again with the girliness. You can’t go wrong with a floral print. I’m not normally the one to wear bright colors and hardly ever wear anything with a busy pattern but the floral pattern has pulled me away from my usually neutral colors.

3. Hats

I have a feeling hats are going to be a big part of my wardrobe//spending money this summer. Fedoras and floppy hats, I’ll only have to wash my hair once a week! 🙂

4. Hair pieces

Another reason I won’t wash my hair daily. All these adorable hair accesories are life savers for my hair.



Gorjana- Ashby Charm Bracelet

This too!

I’m liking this reasonably priced Gorjana jewelry.

Gorjana- Viceroy Necklace

Buy me it!

I saw this website called Polyvore, and it’s a website where you can make collages of different clothes and outfits! It’s another way I can find and show y’all more and more clothes that I want.
These are all from American Eagle:
Bargain Shopper. AE
These are from Forever21:
I felt like being a bargain shopper today!!
I could spend hours on this website.

uoI’m SO ready to wear summery clothes!

The weather this week has been HOT and it makes me want to lay out and be done with school already. Only a few weeks left! Then summer school. :-/

I need a tan and I refuse to get into the hot coffin this close to summer. AND….next week starts working out HARDCORE and getting into shape! My goal is July 4th.

So much to do and so little time!



For some reason I like the way A LOT of bracelets look worn all at the same time, and this bracelet makes that look! I also like it because it’s from Juicy but it doesn’t really look so JUICY-ish.


I really need to stop looking for things to buy online.