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First thing I’m getting when I’m all better.

Since I can’t eat regular food for 2 week I keep thinking about yummy regular food for some reason. It made me think of food I ate in elementary school. I don’t care what anyone says…that food was pretty tasty! Here’s what I remember:

1.Western Burgers- These were rolls with ground beef in them. SO good. I begged my mom to make these awhile ago and she made them so good! Add a little ketchup and mmmmmmmmm.

2. Steak Fingers- Not even steak fingers at restaurant taste just like these did. The gravy was good too!

3. Chicken Nuggets- For some reason these were better than other chicken nuggets from anywhere else. I would eat mine with honey….just like at Mickey D’s.

4. Chicken Spaghetti- I have not eaten chicken spaghetti like that since the 6th grade. How come I can’t find this recipe!?!

5. Chicken Fried Steak- Just like the rest of this food, it probably came frozen, but boy was it GOOD.

6. Pizza- Elementary school pizza came in little squares and for some reason I think it tasted better that way.

7. Fishsticks!- How could I forget the fishsticks?!?! Eating fish sticks still reminds me of elementary school to this day.

8. NACHOS- Just plain tortilla chips with melted cheese on top. Just like the kind you get at football games. Mm mm mm.

And remember how they wouldn’t serve you food unless you had a milk carton??

Those were the days……



I got my tonsils out this morning. Not feeling too swell right now! I got it from Dallas last night at 12:30 and have to wake up this morning at 4:30 to be at the hospital at 5:30 and they didn’t even start my surgery til around 10 or so. I hate shots and had to get an i.v. AND a shot in my butt, and a man did it all. He was very very nice though!! I’m bedridden for about a week, then I start summer school next week. Not looking forward to that. AND I have to be on a soft food diet for 2 weeks. It’s only been a day and I already can’t wait for regular food! Right now my diet consists of:

milkshakeice cream




It feels like little monsters are climbing around all over my throat….not cool.

Bring me something cold!


Okay I lied about not posting for 3 weeks……My mom just bought me 2 new ice creams.



I’m eating this 2 weeks before I have to put a bathing suit on. Who am I!?!?

Oh well! It’s a lot better than working on my 2 presentations I need to be doing.



As you all know I love to eat and I love FOOD. I decided I’m going to start posting new blogs everytime I try something new or just eat something I think I should share with you. Here is #1. I was craving McDonalds on Saturday so I decided to be fat and just get some. I can’t remember the last time I had Mickey D’s but I gotta admit it was freaking gooood.

A little preview…..


MINUS the onions.

You know you want one noooww!!!!!!!!!!!

Fat moment,