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I’m saying goodbye to my colored hair tomorrow. It’s not NEAR as wild as this, but if I didn’t have a job this would be me fer sure. I’m actually kind of relieved to get my hair back all brown again. The blue faded to green, then the green faded to blonde. Blonde is not my forte.

I love getting crazy colors put in my hair but either they don’t last long or it results in my hair looking like a bale of hay. So I found this website that pretty much answers all my crazy hair color upkeep questions.

The first hair color I found on Google, but the last three are all designed and done by Leslie Cook at Tangles Salon.

I love coffee….and these coffee mugs. I found more weird coffee mugs and I’m tempted to start a collection.

Next hair color????



via (downbeatdame)

via Morbid Fashion


I┬ádon’t know what to think about this blog. This lady makes stories out of these “teeth” saying that when she was little she put her teeth under her pillow, got a quarter, and then one day later in her life, one knocked on her door.

What’s this lady on?????