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Category Archives: baking

So I saw this recipe on Bakerella‘s blog and thought I should try it out. It sounded like the easiest, quickest dessert I could make, and it was! You can find the exact recipe here, but here’s how my Peach Crumb Cake went:

1.  Dump some canned peaches into a pan, syrup and all

2. Slice the peaches up in smaller pieces to space more evenly.

3. Sprinkle on a box of yellow cake mix

4. Pats of butter on top.

5. Brown sugar

6. Finished product!

It turned out really yummy! Some of the cake didn’t cook (white spots), so make sure you put enough butter even if you have to put a little extra. The uncooked cake still tasted good when it got mixed in. I like it best heated up with some ice cream. Mmmm.