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Category Archives: annoying


= Itchiness.

Even though I’m starting to look like this pup, it is working wonders on my throat.

Today I’m doing somewhat better…I still wake up not being able to swallow and I’m still freaking hungry and can’t wait to eat real food. I ate a bean/cheese/potatoe burrito today which took me way too long, and after every bite I have to wash it down with water. No fun, no fun at all.

Yesterday Leah and Logan came to visit and brought me a yummy blue coconut cream slush! They entertained me while I laid in bed which was nice. Leah tried on some of my dresses and kept complaining that Rebecca was staring at her and wouldn’t get off the bathroom counter. Then Logan had to go in there and carry Rebecca away teaching Leah how to treat her properly so she wouldn’t bite. Rebecca is one old lady that isn’t easy to please!

Summer school starts next week. Is this a JOKE?????