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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Zooey Deschanel


I’m saying goodbye to my colored hair tomorrow. It’s not NEAR as wild as this, but if I didn’t have a job this would be me fer sure. I’m actually kind of relieved to get my hair back all brown again. The blue faded to green, then the green faded to blonde. Blonde is not my forte.

Jessica Stam



Yes, that’s right.

My 21st birthday has finally arrived. This is cause for an enormous celebration. Most of my friends are already 21 and have been since September so this has been a much awaited occasion. This wonderful day of the year will take place on a Monday. Not my favorite weekday, but hey, I didn’t get to choose and that won’t stop us from partying. If you feel like you must get me something here are a few things I like:

1. Hello Kitty. ANYTHING Hello Kitty. Nothing tacky please.

2. Coffee mugs. Preferably travel mugs so I can take them with me. Look! A Hello Kitty one!!

3. Vodka Redbull- Can it be in this glass too?

4. Anything Paramore. I love me some Hayley

5. Cute notepads I can make lists on. I love making lists.

6. Comfy clothes. I could live in them


I plan on going to see this tonight. The plot sounds pretty interesting and to be honest, any movie with Martin Scorsese as the director and Leonardo DiCaprio with the leading role will be worth seeing. Scorsese is pretty good at reminding me why I am and always will be in love with Leo.

Another thumbs up for a 2010 Spring Ad Campaign. Thank you, Burberry for reminding us all how adorable and chic Emma Watson is. Emma Watson and her brother Alex Watson, photographed by Mario Testino

I must say, I am loving what Mert and Marc did for this ad campaign. Something about those bright colors and the ‘head-back’ poses makes me want to put on a Gucci dress, some Gucci stilettos and lay on the beach. Natasha Poly and Ryan Kennedy make fully-clothed sunbathing look good.

Well done.

UUUGGHH. I can only take so much of this.


It’s still pretty early into the semester but I’m already starting to stress. I failed my first Intermediate Accounting test, and my major is accounting. This can’t be good. That is the 2nd test I’ve failed in all 3 years of college so far, and I am bummed to say the least. I’m usually a good test taker, but lately I’ve been so scatter brained and I cannot figure out why! I made the decision to be even more of a study-nut/book worm/hermit than I already am. I’m going to have to bust my butt if I want an A in this class.

Spring Break, WHERE THE F ARE YOU?

Kate Winslet


Zooey Deschanel