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Monthly Archives: January 2010

1. Bows

Necklaces, hairbows, tattos, dresses, pictures….pretty much anything. If it has a bow on it, I’m going to like it. Something about placing a bow on something makes it so dainty and feminine. I LOVE girly things.

2. Floral Prints

Again with the girliness. You can’t go wrong with a floral print. I’m not normally the one to wear bright colors and hardly ever wear anything with a busy pattern but the floral pattern has pulled me away from my usually neutral colors.

3. Hats

I have a feeling hats are going to be a big part of my wardrobe//spending money this summer. Fedoras and floppy hats, I’ll only have to wash my hair once a week! 🙂

4. Hair pieces

Another reason I won’t wash my hair daily. All these adorable hair accesories are life savers for my hair.






I watched part of Public Enemies last night and for some reason saw Katy Perry every time I saw Marion Cotillard. Something about that sophisticated 1930’s attire and short sleek black hair. Maybe I’m just crazy.

Gorjana- Ashby Charm Bracelet

This too!

I’m liking this reasonably priced Gorjana jewelry.

Gorjana- Viceroy Necklace

Buy me it!