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Monthly Archives: July 2009

I sure do love me some Wade Robson.



you thought I couldn’t get any more annoying with these videos: Here’s another. This is Jeanine and Brandon performing a pop jazz routine choreographed by Laurie Ann Gibson (the same choreographer who worked with Danity Kane).

I can’t wait to go in October!! 🙂

Wow, so I haven’t posted anything in a looong time. I’ve been super busy. I can’t use school as an excuse anymore but I have been working a lot. I constantly look forward to the weekends and nights I’m with all my girls….they seriously keep me sane. DSCF7167


My older sister had her second baby shower here in town and it went really well! It was fun! I’ll post pictures of it later.

I got a 2nd job at a bank. Yesterday was my first day of training and so far it’s all going well! I think I’m going to like it so we’ll just have to wait and see! It’s a lot of stuff to learn but I think I can handle it.

Just in case you haven’t met my other cat Lady, here she is!!


Isn’t she beautiful??? She’s so cuddly and loves to talk.

Okay, one more thing before I go to bed like an old lady……I haven’t been keeping anyone posted on my show So You Think You Can Dance! So, I’ll just show you a video of my favorite dance from last week.

Love it.

I’ll try to keep making posts when I have the time!