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Monthly Archives: April 2009

For some reason I like the way A LOT of bracelets look worn all at the same time, and this bracelet makes that look! I also like it because it’s from Juicy but it doesn’t really look so JUICY-ish.


I really need to stop looking for things to buy online.




I’m searching the internet for different jewelry pieces that I like and I remembered I’ve been wanting this for a long time but I still don’t have it!!!!


It’s a Jennifer Zeuner initial necklace. Obviously mine wouldn’t be an A.

I better start saving!

Broke as a joke,


One of my┬ábest friends, Lauren told me to look at these girls on Youtube one day and I never did until today on my day off. I’m sure you all have already seen their videos but I LOVE them! Their names are Erin and Roxanne and they are amazing singers who record themselves singing songs in their bathroom.┬áThis is one of my favorites:

I’m just kind of mad that we didn’t do this first!

Okay, off to eat dinner!