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There are 3 more weeks of school left and I’m SO ready to be done. All my friends who go to other schools seem to be getting out 1 or 2 weeks before my school and that’s not making me very happy. I still have one more test in every single one of my classes and I HAVE to do good on all of them. AND on top of that, I have a presentation in OrgB on Monday and one for Business Communications that same day. To make things worse, I found out that my Bus. Comm class isn’t even going to count for anything since I switched my major to Accounting. Seriously???

Since the past few weeks have been stressful my mom and dad took Kiley and I to lunch on Saturday. We wanted to go somewhere new so we went to a small place called Hibiscus Cafe. It was delicious! I got a lamb gyro and we all shared an appetizer called dolmadakia and for dessert we got baklava. Then my  mom took Kiley and I shopping and we got 2 new dresses, a few shirts and some new shoes. I love my mommy!

But anyways, this will most likely be the last post until the next 3 weeks go by. I’ll be too busy studying, doing presentations, working….and working out…yes, I’m forcing myself to work out. Lake season is HERE!

At least I have Arizona to look forward to for the first week of summer. I can’t wait!

Sorry this post is so boring, I just felt the need to update people and tell myself everything I need to get done.




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