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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Okay I lied about not posting for 3 weeks……My mom just bought me 2 new ice creams.



I’m eating this 2 weeks before I have to put a bathing suit on. Who am I!?!?

Oh well! It’s a lot better than working on my 2 presentations I need to be doing.



Corey found this and told me to look it up. It kind of looks like a baby Dawson! (my sister’s papillon)

He’s so cute…but it kind of sounds scary too. Just think if you heard this when you were sleeping! But it’s just a little puppy!!!! It sounds like he’s saying ELMO!

Such a cute baby.



There are 3 more weeks of school left and I’m SO ready to be done. All my friends who go to other schools seem to be getting out 1 or 2 weeks before my school and that’s not making me very happy. I still have one more test in every single one of my classes and I HAVE to do good on all of them. AND on top of that, I have a presentation in OrgB on Monday and one for Business Communications that same day. To make things worse, I found out that my Bus. Comm class isn’t even going to count for anything since I switched my major to Accounting. Seriously???

Since the past few weeks have been stressful my mom and dad took Kiley and I to lunch on Saturday. We wanted to go somewhere new so we went to a small place called Hibiscus Cafe. It was delicious! I got a lamb gyro and we all shared an appetizer called dolmadakia and for dessert we got baklava. Then my  mom took Kiley and I shopping and we got 2 new dresses, a few shirts and some new shoes. I love my mommy!

But anyways, this will most likely be the last post until the next 3 weeks go by. I’ll be too busy studying, doing presentations, working….and working out…yes, I’m forcing myself to work out. Lake season is HERE!

At least I have Arizona to look forward to for the first week of summer. I can’t wait!

Sorry this post is so boring, I just felt the need to update people and tell myself everything I need to get done.



I saw this website called Polyvore, and it’s a website where you can make collages of different clothes and outfits! It’s another way I can find and show y’all more and more clothes that I want.
These are all from American Eagle:
Bargain Shopper. AE
These are from Forever21:
I felt like being a bargain shopper today!!
I could spend hours on this website.

uoI’m SO ready to wear summery clothes!

The weather this week has been HOT and it makes me want to lay out and be done with school already. Only a few weeks left! Then summer school. :-/

I need a tan and I refuse to get into the hot coffin this close to summer. AND….next week starts working out HARDCORE and getting into shape! My goal is July 4th.

So much to do and so little time!



I want my hair to be this long…..



But it won’t EFFING grow!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t cut it for MONTHS. And I don’t wash it everyday. 🙂 Sorry to everyone who has to see me on those days.



BTW I don’t know this lady..

As you all know I love to eat and I love FOOD. I decided I’m going to start posting new blogs everytime I try something new or just eat something I think I should share with you. Here is #1. I was craving McDonalds on Saturday so I decided to be fat and just get some. I can’t remember the last time I had Mickey D’s but I gotta admit it was freaking gooood.

A little preview…..


MINUS the onions.

You know you want one noooww!!!!!!!!!!!

Fat moment,


I decorated eggs and even got an Easter basket!! I didn’t take any pictures of it but I will still tell you what was in it….









Thank you Mommy!! I love you!!

Happy Easter,


p.s. i just ate my Reese’s and they were so delish!!!

Yes, we still dye Easter eggs. They were supposed to be ‘speckled eggs’ but we left the paint out too long and it dried up, then Jessica added water and it was even worse after that. So, we just made them pretty colored eggs!








I can’t wait to eat them!!!



I saw this on David Letterman the other night when I was supposed to be studying…. Bailey is ADORABLE!!!

I want to teach Riley how to do this hahaha ya right.

So Cute!